Getting email notifications for sync errors

If you have set up Auto-sync for your Airtable to Webflow sync, you can get email notifications in case your sync contains errors.

How it works

When you set up your Auto-sync, make sure you tick the box next to "Email me when something goes wrong". You will be notified by email when your sync contains errors or warnings. The email address is the one that your account is set up under. If you need to change the email address, you can do it here.

How does the notification email look like?

If your sync has failed competely, you will be notified as follows:

If your sync had errors or warnings, the email will look like this:

The email will always contain a link to your sync, so you can click and fix the issues immediately.

Important warning

Please note: for all emails you receive, if you do not click on the link to fix the issues, or log into your account, you will not receive another email if you have further errors. It is therefore important to acknowledge these emails and fix the issues, or at least check them out.

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