Auto-sync (Airtable only)

How to set up Auto-sync for Airtable to Webflow syncs

While manual sync is the default mode in PowerImporter, you have the option to establish a schedule for automatic synchronization at specified intervals, caled Auto-sync. ā€ For instance, you can configure PowerImporter to perform the sync every 5 minutes (depending on your PowerImporter plan), ensuring your content is consistently current without manual intervention.

Step 1: Access the Sync Schedule Settings

  1. Log in to your Power Importer account.

  2. Navigate to your sync, then click on "Schedule".

Please note the "Schedule" button only appears once you have completed one manual sync. This is to minimise the risk of errors during the automatic sync.

Step 2: Set Your Schedule Preferences

  1. Time Zone: Select the time zone that applies to your schedule. This ensures that the sync occurs at the correct time relative to your location.

  2. Start Time: Determine when you want the first sync to start. Set this time using a 24-hour format. For example, if you want the sync to start at 3 PM, input '15:00'.

  3. Repeat Interval: Decide how frequently the sync should repeat. You can choose to repeat the sync every few hours or minutes depending on your needs, and on your PowerImporter plan. If you choose to sync at a frequency that your plan does not match, you will see an error message. For example if you subscribed to a Starter plan, and you try to sync every 5 minutes, you will see a message prompting you to upgrade your plan, because the Starter plan only allows an hourly auto-sync. To check which frequency your plan allows, go to this page.

  4. Step 3: Consider the Email notification option ā€PowerImporter offers the option to receive email notifications if something goes wrong. This feature will alert you via email if the system encounters any issues during the automatic sync process. We recommend that you tick that box to enable it. The emails will be sent to the email address associated to your account.

Step 3: Enable Automatic Sync

ā€Once you've set your time zone, start time, and repeat interval, enable the automatic sync by clicking on "Create Schedule". This will activate the schedule, meaning the system will automatically sync your data according to the preferences you've set. Keep in mind that with an automatic sync schedule in place, manual sync options are not available anymore. This is to ensure that your data remains consistent and the automated process works efficiently. If you want to go back to manual syncing, you will need to delete your auto-sync schedule.

Watch our demo video below to visualise the step-by-step guide:

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