Can you control the order with which items are created or synced in Webflow?

When using PowerImporter to sync your data from Airtable to Webflow, the order of items as they're created or synced isn't inherently controllable through PowerImporter.

This is due to the way PowerImporter processes data in bulk actions. However, there are workarounds within Airtable and Webflow that allow you to manage the order of your items effectively:

‍Method 1: Using a Number Field

1. Create a Number Field in Airtable: Add a new field to your Airtable base, formatted as a number. This field can represent the desired order of your items when they appear in Webflow. 2. Sort in Webflow: After syncing your Airtable base with Webflow through PowerImporter, use Webflow's sort functionality within the collection list settings to sort items based on the number field you've created.

‍Method 2: Using Time Created for Sorting

‍1. Create a Formula Field in Airtable: If you want to sort items by the time they were created, add a formula field in your Airtable base using the `CREATED_TIME()` formula. 2. Map the Field in PowerImporter: Ensure this new formula field is mapped in PowerImporter to correspond with a field in your Webflow CMS. 3. Sort by Time Field in Webflow: Utilize the sort feature in Webflow to organize your collection items based on the mapped formula field, which reflects the creation time.

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