Sync Airtable with Webflow CMS in 3 steps

A quick guide to setting up an Airtable to Webflow sync in PowerImporter

Step 1: Connect Webflow and Airtable in PowerImporter

  • Connect your Webflow CMS site and your Airtable base in your PowerImporter account

  • You only need to do this once.

Time required: 2 minutes

Step 2: Map your collections and fields between Airtable and Webflow

  • PowerImporter will automatically pull your Airtable fields and Webflow collection fields.

  • Simply map the Airtable fields to the Webflow collection items, ignoring any fields you don't want to sync.

  • You can view the supported Airtable and Webflow fields, and how they match each other here.

Time required: 2 minutes

Step 3: Run your sync in PowerImporter and see the result!

Ready to sync?

  • You can run a test sync to review whether it works as expected, without updating your Webflow site.

  • You can also run your sync immediately.

Time required for importing into Webflow: ususally a few minutes. The time is dictated by the Webflow API rate limit.

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