One-way sync

What one-way sync is and what it means for your Webflow site updates.

Syncing from your data source to Webflow

PowerImporter offers a one-way sync solution from your data sources to your Webflow CMS fresh with the latest data. You can import content from various sources like CSV files, Airtable bases, and even WordPress blogs, ensuring your Webflow site reflects the most up-to-date information.

How one-way sync works

  1. Import your content from the chosen source (CSV, Airtable, WordPress).

  2. PowerImporter seamlessly creates new Webflow CMS items, based on your data, during the first sync.

  3. Any updates made in the source file are reflected on your Webflow CMS site during the next sync.

Optional two-way sync: Webflow to Airtable sync for items IDs and slugs

While the one-way sync keeps Webflow updated, for Airtable to Webflow syncs, PowerImporter offers an additional benefit. PowerImporter can sync back Webflow item IDs and slugs to your Airtable base. This allows you to leverage these unique identifiers in Airtable for further automations or integrations with other tools. Simply map the Slug and Webflow Item ID fields in Step 4 > Map Airtable fields to Webflow Collection fields.

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